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Our Services & Expertise

With unparalleled experience and a commitment to exceeding our clients expectations, Air Traffic Solutions delivers a comprehensive range of Air Traffic Management Services that facilitate Efficient, Safe, Secure and Responsible Operations for the Aviation industry world wide.
With offices in Brisbane, Australia and Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates we are well placed to support our clients wherever they may be located.

Airspace Design

We assist with Airspace Design including Aerodrome obstacle safeguarding calculation, Instrument Flight Procedure development, and advice (under the umbrella on a CASA Part 173 MOS certified provider), flight path segregation and deconfliction, Heliport obstacle safeguarding (including approach/departure path planning) and One Engine Inoperative departure path planning.

Advocacy and Lobbying

Our teams long established and respected relationships with the key industry, government and service providers enables us to streamline and expedite changes to support your business.

Environmental Impact Studies

Environmental Impact Studies to meet the requirements of airspace change proposals can be provided by qualified industry professionals.

Airspace Studies

We have the expertise and knowledge to provide Airport Operators with a comprehensive Airspace Study to ascertain actual airspace requirements and service provision required

Concept of Operation Development

Our staff have expert knowledge in the development of Concept of Operations documents to assist with product selection processes

Procedure Development

We are able to provide either procedure updates or new procedure development to support the introduction of new systems.

Online Training

Providing the ultimate in convenience, ATS has the resources to deliver online training modules that support regulatory requirements, such as DAMP, WHS and can expertly tailor training solutions to meet the specific professional development needs of your business.

Safety Management

Highly regarded industry safety specialists are available to ensure all regulatory and customer specific Safety Management System requirements are met.

System Adaptation Development

Our team are highly experienced and regarded experts in the development of system adaption requirements and end user HMI

System Commissioning Support

We are able to provide full support for system commissioning, including training and technical support.

Technical Planning, Development + Integration

We are able to provide the expertise to fully plan and deploy complex technical systems. Whether your needs are a greenfield site or retrofitting an existing facility, our people have the skills needed for a successful transition.

Training Needs Analysis + Delivery

Our team can carefully assess current skills against new system requirements and plan and deliver the necessary targeted training required.

Transition Planning + Implementation

Our team are highly skilled in all facets of operational and technical transition planning, development and implementation. Our team were involved in the recent highly successful transition of Gold Coast Tower from legacy ATC equipment to state of the art INTAS equipment.

User Needs / Requirements Analysis

Our team are highly experienced in the interpretation of user needs, and the application of these needs into system requirements.

ATC Training Software

In conjunction with Visual Vectoring ATS is able to supply and support ATC Training Software for ab-initio Approach and Enroute Surveillance Training. We can also provide basic training and practice simulation for managing Compromised Separation events, to assist in maintaining the highest ATC standards.

Aviation Cyber Security

Cyber security is becoming more critical by the day for aviation systems. ATS Cyber Security services can assist ensuring your critical ATM systems are not vulnerable through targeted vulnerability assessments, penetration testing, security awareness and training, regulatory compliance and security architecture and design. Our experts have worked on leading edge, major ATM projects and are available to ensure your systems are safe.


ATS is able to offer flight inspection, calibration and validation services through our partner, Asian Corporate Aircraft Management Flight Calibrations Services Pte (ACAM). ACAM have a long tradition of providing high quality services throughout Europe, Asia and the Middle East. Our partnership allows the use of ATS as a one stop shop for airports and ANSP for their design, inspection, calibration and validation needs.

Get to know our people

Team of Experts

Our team of experts has undergone extensive training, including operational ‘on the job training’ and Workplace Assessor Qualifications. This has allowed us to deliver high-level training, service and consultancy of Air Traffic Management to our clients. Stationed throughout Australia and the Middle East, we provide unparalleled service and solutions for our clients worldwide.
In addition to the core team at ATS, we have a number of highly experienced associates we can call upon for larger projects that meet our customer’s specific requirements.

Mike Lockwood Air Traffic Solutions CEO



With over 35 years of experience ranging from being a General Aviation Pilot, Military and Civilian Air Traffic Controller, Trainer, Supervisor, Manager, Project Specialist and business owner, Mike Lockwood is a highly regarded aviation industry professional.

Mike has extensive experience in ATC tower automation systems, procurement/tender evaluation, regulatory compliance and support and project management. Mike leads the team at Air Traffic Solutions and has been the Project Manager for recent ATS projects such as the training design, development, and training delivery for the Early Voice Communications System for Airservices, the AIM System for the Royal Saudi Air Force, and leading the ATS team supporting a major Middle Eastern airports procurement program.

Mike has been leading our team in Timor-Leste for over four three years, providing critical support to aid in the modernisation of the aviation regulatory and service provision environment.

Mike has vast experience delivering training and solutions for ATS clients around the world and is an acknowledged industry expert who will always put clients’ needs foremost in our service provision.

Lyndal Wison Air Traffic Solutions

Lyndal Wilson

Executive Director I CNS Specialist I Pans Ops Designer

Throughout Lyndal’s career, she has worked hard at developing advanced ATC intelligence and has progressed into roles such as ATC, CNS, and ATM Specialist and Project Manager. Lyndal provides the specialised project management services to support our clients.

She has a range of tertiary qualifications which strongly support the ATS Training team and ensure not only compliance with regulatory requirements but also that a tailored training program can be developed and delivered to our clients. For over two years Lyndal has been the Project Manager for a cutting-edge implementation of ATC Training for a military client.

Lyndal is a qualified PANS OPS Designer and works with our Chief Designer on our military AIS support contract.

Lyndal also works as part of the Executive Team at Air Traffic Solutions.

Jamie Nicol Air Traffic Solutions

Jamie Nicol


Jamie is a seasoned aviation professional with a career spanning almost 20 years in the aviation industry, most recently as the Regional Manager, Airports for an Australian International Airline where he managed the resources, budgets and safe operations across a portfolio of twelve Regional and Metropolitan Airports around Australia. Previously, he managed all their International Short Haul ports including in New Zealand and the Pacific Islands.

Jamie brings with him highly relevant experience and knowledge of airport operations and regulatory requirements, developing and maintaining strategic relationships and networks with multiple and diverse airport authorities, regulatory officials, airline stakeholders, and third-party service providers.

Having worked closely with multiple Regional Airports both domestically and internationally for many years, his success has been based on working closely with airport authorities to deliver a well-executed operation that is not only safe but one that also achieves optimum passenger flow while maintaining the customer experience.

Jamie has managed large scale projects including introducing a new fleet type (A330 wide-body) into the domestic network and was responsible for regulatory requirements including the relationship with CASA, ground resourcing, training, policies and procedures, ground service equipment as well as airport infrastructure.

Also, Jamie lead the design and delivery of complex HR change initiatives in the UK that achieved significant performance improvements, productivity enhancements, and major cultural shifts.

John Ruttiman Air Traffic Solutions

John Ruttiman


John has been involved in Australian aviation for over 30 years, and his passion for the industry continues to grow. His experience covers a diverse area of aviation – General Aviation Pilot, professional aircrew for Australian Borderforce, 18 years as a Civilian Air Traffic Controller, Trainer, Supervisor, Manager and Project Specialist, and most recently UAV pilot.

John’s experience since leaving operational ATC has included supporting the ATS contracts in Australia, Timor-Leste, Mongolia, Papua New Guinea, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Austria and Spain. These projects have included system procurement, training, tender evaluation and system development.

John is a qualified PANS OPS Designer and works with our Chief Designer on our military AIS support contract.

John is currently working on the design and delivery of a sophisticated aviation training package for international clients of Air Traffic Solutions.

Forster Breckenridge Air Traffic Solutions

Forster Breckenridge


Group Captain (retd), Forster Breckenridge’s experience as an Engineer and Operational ATC specialist brings an unparalleled level of expertise to the Air Traffic Solutions team. Forster’s expertise in dealing with the highest standards of government and industry are an invaluable asset to our clients in negotiations.

His team leadership skills and role as head of the Royal Australian Air Force ATC Branch, has earned him the position of Negotiation and Advocacy Specialist for ATS, and we’re grateful to have him.

Jamie Zietak


Jamie has a wealth of ATM automation system knowledge. Whether developing source code, adding site adaptation layers or developing interface controls between multiple systems, Jamie has the extensive knowledge to support all aspects of ATM Software design, development, debugging and operational deployment.

Jamie also has extensive experience in operational training delivery and modern simulation use to support ATC operations.
Having extensive worldwide experience and being based in North America, Jamie will be supporting a number of our international contracts.

Frank Canatta Air Traffic Solutions

Frank Cannata


Frank’s experience as both Test Manager and Integration Lead for Airservices Australia’s National Tower Program is unparalleled in complex ATM systems design, development, and deployment.

Frank has been instrumental in the development of the Technical and System Engineering training for the introduction of an advanced Voice Switching system for deployment across Australia.

Frank also provides support to ATS clients across Australia in the areas of system defect rectification, upgrades, and new projects.

Davide Raro


Davide has a deep experience in the ATM, Cyber Security and Meteorological Domains. He is a highly motivated Project Systems Engineer and Manager with experience in budget, planning, reporting and project communications to provide a flexible, pragmatic, and proactive project support service to programmers and projects. Davide is currently working on two major ATM projects in the Middle East supporting cyber security and system upgrades.

Martin Simkins

ATM/Safety Specialist

Marty brings a wealth of operational and management expertise to ATS. His experience in actively managing critical safety decisions against operational needs provides the opportunity for clients to harness these skills into their operational environments

Luke Chandler Air Traffic Solutions

Luke Chandler


Luke is a highly experienced Air Traffic Controller and has experience in Operational Training and Course Delivery. With over ten years PANS OPS experience, Luke is the ATS Chief Designer PANS OPS as the designated design authority supporting our military AIS contract. As a qualified Terminal Instrument Flight Procedure Designer (ICAO PANS-OPS) and a highly qualified ATC, Luke’s experience and operational expertise and detailed technical airspace knowledge provide an outstanding level of service to our clients.

Paul Drummond

Air Navigation Specialist

Paul has over 25 years experience as an Air Traffic Controller, Team leader, Trainer, Instructor and Manager.
He has extensive Aviation project work experience, including the implementation of ADS-B services into Australia, which introduced the use of surveillance standards for ADS-B equipped aircraft, a world first.
Other project work includes the introduction of NAS, and the AUSOTTS flex track program, which introduced user preferred routes for long haul flights into Australia. Paul has worked closely with Indonesia and was responsible for creating and updating documentation requirements between Australia and Indonesia.
Paul has spent the last decade managing ATC operations with AirServices Australia, which included industry liaison and procedures development. Paul was also seconded to work with Thales on the new Australian ATC system, a joint civil and defence project.
Paul recently worked with the Airbus Zephyr program and helped develop and write trial operating procedures for safe operations in Australian airspace.
Paul also holds a teaching qualification and has taught in the US and UK.

Stephanie Hughes


Stephanie is an experienced Air Traffic Controller who managed ATC operations in Sydney Control Tower at Australia’s busiest airport. Stephanie has over a decade of experience in managing change safely within a complex ATM environment, including the application of SMS and Civil Aviation Safety Authority regulatory requirements. Through her robust and evidence-based safety arguments, Stephanie was instrumental in achieving CASA approval of NSW Police Operations within close proximity to Sydney Airport and the removal of the Sydney DVOR which enabled further development at Sydney Airport. Stephanie supports international clients of Air Traffic Solutions through her expertise in safety, practical knowledge as an ATC and an in-depth understanding of Australia’s Air Navigation Service Provider. She is also completing her Master of Systems Engineering in 2021 which will enhance the range of skills available to clients through an in-depth understanding of the principles that shape systems engineering and their implementation through the design, development and application phases.

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May 5, 2023

Air Traffic Solutions opens Abu Dhabi Branch Office

Air Traffic Solutions is excited to announce that we have opened a Branch Office in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. Located in the Abu Dhabi Airport Free Zone, our new branch is ideally located to help us to support our expanding group of clients and …

January 13, 2023

Timor-Leste ATC Training Support

Timor-Leste ATC Training Support ATS has been awarded a 12 month contract to provide specialised gap training, supervisory support and OJT to assist ANATL in further developing the skills of their ATC staff. This support is being provided by DFAT to e …

January 13, 2023


RAAF AIS PANS OPS Support ATS has been awarded a contract to support the RAAF AIS Department with Instrument Flight Procedure Design (IFP) Review support. ATS will provide critical reviews of IFP to ensure that they are safe to fly and comply with PAN …


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Working with ATS is a great experience. Thanks to its professional and passionate staff, with a great background and experience in the ATM, DRC is now able to offer a complete set of services to support our clients in all the stage of a project, from the pre-sales up to the after-sale. ATS can reach all the objectives, even the more challenging. Thanks to ATS from DRC staff and hope to keep working together.

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by Davide Raro, Owner and General Director of DRC

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