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It gives us great pleasure to announce the expansion of the services and the team at Air Traffic Solutions.

In addition to Mark Boys, we welcome Group Captain (retd) Forster Breckenridge, Naomi Woodford and Michael Abulencia, whose expertise and experience will support our clienteles growth, efficiency, and safety within the airspace industry.

Air Traffic Solutions existing services are now complemented by the Advocacy & Lobbying, Online Training and refined Airspace Design services on offer as a result of newest team members.

The additional services provide valuable flexibility and responsive solutions for all facets of the aerospace industry and we are all extremely excited about the extensive new range of expertise we can bring to our clients.

Our Online Training solutions provide the ultimate in convenience for professional development, while our Advocacy and Lobbying services deliver the influence, connections and expert advice that will lead to the confident growth and success of our clients endeavors.

We look forward to sharing all the valuable skills that our new team members will be bringing to service our clients, driving ongoing successful projects throughout both local Australian and Global Air Space markets.