December 3, 2019

ATSB SME Support

ATSB SME Support ATS is providing subject matter expertise in support of the Australian Transport Safety Bureau. Our experts provide specialised advice and skills to assist with air safety investigations …

November 21, 2019

Timor Leste’ Aviation Support

Timor Leste’ Aviation Support The issue: Timor Leste’, as a developing aviation nation requires support to ensure compliance with ICAO requirements What we did: ATS provided a highly experienced ANS Adviser to work with local staff to develop processes and skills to meet ICAO requirements The outcome:   ATS has provided manuals and training to Timor Le …

November 21, 2019

Major ATM Manufacturer

Major ATM Manufacturer The issue:   A major ATM Manufacturer required additional support for V&V activities at short notice What we did:   ATS provided a highly skilled consultant to support the manufacturer and ensure that project deadlines were able to be met and maintained The outcome:   The manufacturer was able to meet project schedules in a cos …

November 21, 2019

Turkish Airforce and Segar

Turkish Airforce and Segar The issue: Developments around Turkish Air Force and joint user aerodromes required assessment as to their impact upon instrument approach procedures and aircraft performance requirements What we did: ATS provided PANS OPS, CNS and Aircraft performance specialists to calculate the impact of construction activities around th …

November 21, 2019

CAA Mongolia

CAA Mongolia The issue:   The CAAM required specifications, transition plans and design briefs for their new ATM System and ATM Centre What we did:   ATS provided a team of system engineers, ops specialists and architects to work with CAAM staff to define the requirements for the new system, develop detailed transition plans enabling a safe and efficie …

November 21, 2019

Major Middle Eastern ANSP

Major Middle Eastern ANSP The issue :  A major ANSP had moved from being a government department to a corporatized entity, and needed assistance in reorganising their structure and manning What we did :  ATS provided project management and specialist team members to investigate current structure, processes and manning.  Our team defined a new organisat …

Air Control Tower
June 11, 2019

Integrated Tower Support

Integrated Tower Support Air Traffic Solutions provides System Engineering support to manage the open defects of eight commissioned integrated tower solutions at an ANSP as well as working with the customer to develop updated adaptation solutions as well as introduce new towers and features. ATS provided a skilled System Engineer that was embedded at …

APEC 2018 Leaders Project
June 11, 2019

APEC 2018 Leaders Forum

APEC 2018 Leaders Forum ATS was engaged by the Australian Government Department of Infrastructure, Development and Regional Cities to provide aviation support during the Asia Pacific Economic Leaders Cooperation Leaders Forum, held in Port Moresby (PNG) during November 2018. Assessments prior to the event showed a lack of local readiness for the eve …

EVCS Project
June 11, 2019

Airservices Australia

Airservices Australia Air Traffic Solutions was sub-contracted to design, develop, and deliver a Training Management Package to support the implementation of a new Voice Communications System for Airservices Australia.   This required ATS to train ATC’s, Maintainers, System Engineers, and Data Adaptation Specialists. The TMP included: Student workboo …

Technical Writing Air Traffic Control
June 11, 2019

Technical Writing

Technical Writing Air Traffic Solutions has been engaged by a national regulator to provide technical writing support in several areas. The extensive experience of the ATS team has been recognised by the regulator as meeting their needs to ensure best practice in the review and updating of regulations and other technical documentation. We provided hi …